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The process of change and self-discovery is an exciting journey, filled with opportunity and the chance to grow on the deepest personal level. It comes from a recognition that self-change is necessary in order to further our own personal lives and to enhance or repair personal relationships. Since 1967, our goal at Psychological Institutes of Michigan, P.C., has been to help men, women and children through the delicate growth process with effective psychological services.

Helping you grow, with respect for your intelligence and emotions

Because therapy often includes exploring dynamics of past and present relationships, it is important to choose a professional who is specifically trained in this area. Psychological Institutes of Michigan, P.C., consists of doctoral-level psychotherapists with advanced clinical training and expertise in individual, couple, child and family therapies. We are a small, but select group of licensed, experienced psychologists, each dedicated to helping improve the personal, social, family and professional lives of those we serve.

We are all doctoral-level psychologists, dedicated to helping people face life's challenges with renewed courage and awareness. We offer a wide range of counseling services for individuals, couples and families, as well as workshops and consultations for businesses, schools and community organizations.

Compassionate work with families

Raising a family is perhaps the greatest responsibility an adult can assume. At times, teaching a child to develop and value his or her unique abilities can be a challenge. If your child has troubles at school, or difficulties developing friendships, problems could develop.

We provide a variety of diagnostic services to determine the nature of the conflict or difficulty, and offer individual and family counseling, play therapy, and parenting workshops to help adults and children deal with these issues.


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